My first custom order

A few weeks ago, my bracelets were mentioned on the blog, run by Shannon Sutherland.    (Check her out, by the way, it’s a great blog!)  I had sent her a pink and purple bracelet with a heart charm, a blue and black pearl bracelet with a butterfly charm, a 100 Monkeys bracelet, and a Team Jasper bracelet.  (If the last two seem random, I should probably explain that she’s friends with Ben Graupner who’s in 100 Monkeys, and Jackson Rathbone, who was in 100 Monkeys and also plays Jasper in Twilight.)

My etsy shop got a lot of hits that day, and the Team Jasper bracelet I had listed sold last week, although I have no idea if that person found them via Shannon or just on an etsy search.  But then Saturday I got an email from a woman saying she’d found the bracelets on PPP and she was wondering if I had any more.  She also added a third.  So we ended up with a 100 Monkeys bracelet in black and grey, along with one that said “Made of Gold” to match.  Also, we did a Team Jasper one that incorporated some fun new beads I found that actually look kind of blood splattered.


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