Did someone ask for a Criminal Minds line?

Oh yeah. I did. I figure as long as I’m doing my own obsessions as bracelet lines, we needed to throw in Criminal Minds. I mean, it basically started the whole bracelet craze! I was casually making bracelets before, but when I went to the cast meet and greet at the Laguna Beach Arts Festival and decided to make one for Matthew Gray Gubler, it really kicked it into high gear. I hope they’re back again this year, because I’d like to make some for the other cast members (although I can’t really see Mantegna wearing a beaded bracelet).

So to kick it off, here’s the catch-all bracelet, the BAU bracelet. Taking into account the Criminal Minds logo, most of the line will be black and red, with the possible exception of Garcia’s, which I think needs to be a lot more funky. There’s also an “Unsub” bracelet, Prentiss’ goodbye bracelet, and a Moreid love bracelet. I am open to suggestions for more, and am working on JJ and Garcia bracelets.

The line can be seen here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/jewelrybygamolie?section_id=11426558


1 Comment

  1. April 25, 2012 at 5:26 am

    Miss Gamole you are ingenious! I am so proud of you and wish you the BEST in your bracelet market. Can’t wait to see more when you come to Wisconsin in June.

    For anyone reading this comment – Buy, Buy, Buy while the price is still “new” and low. This lady is going to make it big and, once it’s in demand, the prices will go higher and higher – just like gas.

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