My bracelets will now be sold in stores!

Well, in one store anyway.  A few weeks I stopped into The Bra Lady in Upland, CA to get new bras.  While I was there, I noticed a few raffles, giveaways, etc on a tabletop.  When I went back to pick up one of my items, I brought in this pink ribbon bracelet:


and asked if we could do a raffle with it.  The manager said she’d check with the owner, but was pretty sure it was something they’d like to do.  I waited over the week for their call, and today finally decided to follow up myself.  The owner came on the phone and told me how much she loves the bracelet and would like to include it as a raffle in a Summer Fashion show in June.   Then she ordered one for herself, which in and of itself thrilled me, but when she followed up by asking if I could make a line of them to sell right there in the store, I was blown away.  She’s going to mark them up slightly, but the mark-up will go to the American Cancer Society.  So starting this summer, yours truly can say she’s “sold in stores”!

For those of you in the area, if you’ve never been to the Bra Lady, GO!  They have custom fitters, and will take all the time you need to find the perfect bra.  If they don’t have any that are absolutely perfect, they’ll alter for free.  They even made a few into nursing bras for me when Teressa was born.  The prices are higher than department stores, but they’re worth it.  They last.  Even the ones they made into nursing bras still look almost new.  So stop in, they’re at 958 N Central, just below Foothill (by CM School Supplies), and their number is (909) 981-1741.  They also specialize in mastectomy and reconstructive supplies.  Website:


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