Custom Orders… and 31 Bags

Custom orders are my favorite.    It’s much more fun than trying to come up with something an unknown someone may someday maybe kinda want to buy.  With a custom order, I know what colors to work with, what charms to offer, stuff like that.   I like when someone orders ones with a phrase on it (I recently had one that asked for “Awesomesauce” which is now one of my favorite words).

A few weeks ago I did these prayer beads for a friend of mine.   She and I spend much of our day texting, often throwing ideas back and forth regarding Church and working it into our daily lives, and she said she’d been looking for prayer beads on a bracelet and hadn’t been able to find any she really liked.  I feel very fortunate that I was able to put something together that finally suited her needs!


Hers are the wooden ones.  The red ones were for a friend of hers who is a 31 Bags consultant, and I was ordering from her, too.  It’s a nice exchange.  🙂    And speaking of the bag…


I absolutely love it!  With all the pockets on the side, I no longer need to use a series of Ziplock bags to hold my tools and wire.  The trays stack inside nicely.  And most of all, I love the green “Gamolie” against that grey.  Now I just have to curb my bead-buying habits or buy a second bag for more trays.


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