Family bracelets for 3 generations

This week I got an order for family bracelets – she was ordering one for herself, her mom, her sister, and her daughter, each in their favorite colors.  Things worked out perfectly that I had lampwork beads in each color!


Friendship at the beach

This weekend I was contacted by an old friend (not that we’re old, you understand, I mean that known her since before Madonna was making albums) about making four matching bracelets for a girls’ week at the beach with her three best friends.  We went through a few false starts in finding a design that suited her needs, as we first tried to go with a “beachy/ocean” theme and nothing was really coming together just right.  She suggested we not concentrate so much on beachy and let the flip flops signify the summery feeling.  Eventually we ended up in a texting conversation while I was at Hobby Lobby and she was in a meeting, trying to keep her texts at a businesslike minimum while I send photos of possible beads.  Just as I was about to give up on finding the perfect round blue beads, a friend who had come with me grabbed a random strand of beads off the shelf.  They ended up being EXACTLY what we were looking for.  Success!  And luckily, the only color they had four flip flop beads in the same color was blue, so it all finally came together.


Looking at my own photos of the first couple possible designs, I’m sooooo happy we kept going for more possibilities.  I really love these colors together, and I’m probably going to make myself something combining the blue and black as well.  The picture doesn’t quite do the color justice, it’s a really beautiful blue and pops really well against the black.

To the beach!