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The actual url for this blog won’t change (at least for now), it will still reflect the former name. But I’ve updated the products I offer and since I often blog about things I’ve made that aren’t jewelry-related, I decided it was time for a change.

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*Note: My etsy shop is closed for the holidays, but will reopen in the New Year. At the moment I do still have the premade items available. I will also take custom orders, they just won’t be filled until after the first of the year.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Calm Jars

I recently discovered a little thing called a “calm jar.”   The idea is along the lines of a five-ball pendulum or watching waves crash along the shore – an image/movement that soothes and calms.   Like a snow globe, you shake the jar and watch the glitter settle.

It’s suggested for all ages, including as a “time out” tool for younger ones.  I personally wouldn’t use it any younger than about four, simply because in my experience younger children would make it a launching tool and smash it against the wall during a tantrum.   But my daughter, who just turned 5 last Friday, is already entranced by it.   She’ll ask for it, shake it gently, set it on the table, and for a few minutes she’s quiet watching the glitter settle.  It’s only a few minutes, but believe me, it’s a very wonderful few minutes.

Not just for kids either, I can sit and watch it and feel myself settling with the glitter.



  • Glitter
  • Boiling water
  • Glitter glue
  • Food coloring
  • Jar

I went with green glitter glue, purple glitter, and purple food coloring.   I would’ve liked to do more green and less purple, but the glitter fairies didn’t work in my favor, there was no plain green glitter and the green food coloring was too dark.   Next time!

Anyway, I used a 16 ounce jar,  about 3/4 of a 2.98 ounce bottle of green glitter glue, about a tablespoon and a half of purple glitter, and just a dash of AmericColor purple food coloring.    Put the water on to boil, then put the glue and glitter in the bottom of the jar.   Add the dot of food coloring onto a spoon so it doesn’t clump with the glitter.   Once the water’s boiling, pour it into the jar and use the spoon to mix, which will also mix in the coloring.   It’ll take awhile to stir out all the glue clumps, on mine it kept rising to the top but eventually it melted in.  When there was only a little at the top, I put the lid on and shook the jar (with oven mitts, remember you’re handling a jar with near-boiling water in it).   Don’t get discouraged, because at first it’ll look like the glitter settles within a matter of seconds.  But once it all cools, the glue and water together form a thicker liquid, and the glitter floats much longer, especially the smaller glue particles from the glitter glue tube.

I’m going to try a few variations, including using Karo syrup or glycerine in place of the glue, but overall I’m really happy with  how this turned out.  Next time I might even leave out the added glitter, I think the glitter from the glue tube gave it enough, although having two colors and sizes do make for more of a sparkling variation when it’s swirling and settling.

I did get the original recipe from the blog at, as well as other websites, but hers was the most detailed in explanation.   She has a lot of great DIY projects on there, check her out!

The holidays are upon us!

I know, I know, not everyone’s in the Christmas spirit yet.  But you know me, I’d be happy with Christmas decorations going up in July.  They make me happy no matter what time of year it is.

This year I want some of unique ornaments, and thought I’d try making some of my own.  I’m having trouble figuring out how to secure them, but I think I may be onto something anyway.  And of course, BUTTERFLIES!


Merry Christmas!

More about Sugar Scrubs

Earlier this year I had a post regarding home made sugar scrubs.  (Can be found here: Since then I’ve been experimenting a little with the recipes.



I use one of the scrubs almost daily, and have almost eliminated the little bumps on my upper arms, and my scaly skin on my legs.  The honey lemon was just a little too sweet for me, so I tried eliminating most of the honey and adding more lemon.  Then as Fall came upon us, I wanted to update the vanilla for an autumn spice scent.   So here’s my updated recipes:


2 1/2 cups white sugar

1/2 cup oil

Juice of half a medium sized lemon

Zest of medium sized lemon

One small squirt honey

Vanilla spice:

1 1/2 cups white sugar

1 1/2 cups brown sugar

1 cup oil

Sprinkling of cinnamon, amount depends on your personal preference.  I started small and worked up, and although I ended up liking a lot of cinnamon in mine, if I’m making one for someone else I hold back a little

You can also add nutmeg if it’s your preference.  I found it was too heavy and overpowered the cinnamon.


New Addition to the Awareness Bracelets

Autism Speaks!   Speak out in support with a bright colored bracelet and puzzle piece charm.   $1 from each sale is donated to Autism Speaks, either in your name or in honor of the person of your choice.

New section of the Jewelry by Gamolie shop is now live!

I’m now selling wine charms (shout out to my mom, who makes her own and instructed me on the best way to make them!). A string of beads that winds down your wine glass stem and ends in your favorite charm. Check them out!


Family bracelets for 3 generations

This week I got an order for family bracelets – she was ordering one for herself, her mom, her sister, and her daughter, each in their favorite colors.  Things worked out perfectly that I had lampwork beads in each color!

Friendship at the beach

This weekend I was contacted by an old friend (not that we’re old, you understand, I mean that known her since before Madonna was making albums) about making four matching bracelets for a girls’ week at the beach with her three best friends.  We went through a few false starts in finding a design that suited her needs, as we first tried to go with a “beachy/ocean” theme and nothing was really coming together just right.  She suggested we not concentrate so much on beachy and let the flip flops signify the summery feeling.  Eventually we ended up in a texting conversation while I was at Hobby Lobby and she was in a meeting, trying to keep her texts at a businesslike minimum while I send photos of possible beads.  Just as I was about to give up on finding the perfect round blue beads, a friend who had come with me grabbed a random strand of beads off the shelf.  They ended up being EXACTLY what we were looking for.  Success!  And luckily, the only color they had four flip flop beads in the same color was blue, so it all finally came together.


Looking at my own photos of the first couple possible designs, I’m sooooo happy we kept going for more possibilities.  I really love these colors together, and I’m probably going to make myself something combining the blue and black as well.  The picture doesn’t quite do the color justice, it’s a really beautiful blue and pops really well against the black.

To the beach!

The 2011-2012 school year is almost over…

And you know what that means.  Teacher gifts!!  I admit, this whole bracelet thing makes teacher gifts so much easier.   I let the boys pick out colors and I design based on that.  And of course there’s office staff and principal to think of…

Although I may actually keep the green one with brown pearls for myself.

If you’re interested in teacher/school gifts, I’m having a special on them!  Normally $10, they’re currently $8.  I can’t include charms in this special, as I’m limited on charms  and wouldn’t be able to purchase and complete them in time for year-end.   To order, please drop me a line by commenting or emailing me! or

Enjoy your summers!

Custom Orders… and 31 Bags

Custom orders are my favorite.    It’s much more fun than trying to come up with something an unknown someone may someday maybe kinda want to buy.  With a custom order, I know what colors to work with, what charms to offer, stuff like that.   I like when someone orders ones with a phrase on it (I recently had one that asked for “Awesomesauce” which is now one of my favorite words).

A few weeks ago I did these prayer beads for a friend of mine.   She and I spend much of our day texting, often throwing ideas back and forth regarding Church and working it into our daily lives, and she said she’d been looking for prayer beads on a bracelet and hadn’t been able to find any she really liked.  I feel very fortunate that I was able to put something together that finally suited her needs!


Hers are the wooden ones.  The red ones were for a friend of hers who is a 31 Bags consultant, and I was ordering from her, too.  It’s a nice exchange.  🙂    And speaking of the bag…


I absolutely love it!  With all the pockets on the side, I no longer need to use a series of Ziplock bags to hold my tools and wire.  The trays stack inside nicely.  And most of all, I love the green “Gamolie” against that grey.  Now I just have to curb my bead-buying habits or buy a second bag for more trays.

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