We can’t all come and go by bubble

We have a Glinda finished product! Of course Glinda had to be pink, and they had to be round for her bubbles. I added some silver for her crown, and the actual crown charm. Maybe it should come with a magic wand ?

I also have a possible Emerald City. The Wizard’s love of green shown in various shades, with lamppost beads highlighting the poppies growing outside the gates. And of course, Emerald City can’t be complete without the horse of a different color!



The Wizard of Oz line has gone live on etsy!


With two finished products, I thought maybe it was time to list them and get things going.   I’m excited to work on Glinda’s now that I found a crown charm, and I even found a lion charm that I’m going to try out.   Hopefully this weekend we’ll have a good three to four more bracelets to share!

Elphaba, take 2

I went to “the bead store” today (aka Hobby Lobby) and found an actual crystal ball charm that I fell in love with.  Then I turned the corner, and there was a display with the black and white striped beads I’d wanted to add.  Put ’em all together, and we got what I think may be Elphie’s final bracelet.

What do you think?  Final product?

Ok I lied, no Galinda.

Sorry, but I had some troubles with the Glinda bracelet and haven’t decided yet how to proceed. However, I did make the Dorothy bracelet.  And I think that it’s a done deal rather than a test run.   Her blue and white gingham dress in the crackle beads, with the red for the slippers.  And of course, it needs an actual shoe.

Sometimes I make ones I don’t want to part with.  Maybe I’ll make a few duplicates…

Wicked fun bracelets

As many people know, I’ve been a big of Wizard of Oz my whole life, and more recently Wicked has joined in. Last night I was trying to come up with new idea for a bracelet – and if we’re being honest, something with a specific tag I could use on etsy to increase my chances of being seen in a search – and Elphaba came to mind. When I first saw Wicked, I identified with Elphie, and immediately wanted every bit of green Wicked memorabilia out there. Unfortunately, funds do not allow for that.

Once I had the idea, I wanted to make, for lack of a better word, a prototype. I haven’t decided yet if it’s a true finished product, I feel like it needs a bigger “crystal ball” as a centerpiece, maybe a crackle bead. I’d also maybe like to add some black and white striped beads for the Witch’s stockings. Although I have so many little details I’d like to incorporate, like silver for her flying monkeys, that eventually I may have to make a full necklace to work it all in.

Once I started working on Elphie’s piece, I thought how fun it would be to do a full line of Oz-inspired bracelets. Blue and white beads with sparkly red accents for Dorothy, silver beads with a heart for the Tin Man… But next up: Galinda. With a “Ga.”