Custom Orders… and 31 Bags

Custom orders are my favorite.    It’s much more fun than trying to come up with something an unknown someone may someday maybe kinda want to buy.  With a custom order, I know what colors to work with, what charms to offer, stuff like that.   I like when someone orders ones with a phrase on it (I recently had one that asked for “Awesomesauce” which is now one of my favorite words).

A few weeks ago I did these prayer beads for a friend of mine.   She and I spend much of our day texting, often throwing ideas back and forth regarding Church and working it into our daily lives, and she said she’d been looking for prayer beads on a bracelet and hadn’t been able to find any she really liked.  I feel very fortunate that I was able to put something together that finally suited her needs!


Hers are the wooden ones.  The red ones were for a friend of hers who is a 31 Bags consultant, and I was ordering from her, too.  It’s a nice exchange.  🙂    And speaking of the bag…


I absolutely love it!  With all the pockets on the side, I no longer need to use a series of Ziplock bags to hold my tools and wire.  The trays stack inside nicely.  And most of all, I love the green “Gamolie” against that grey.  Now I just have to curb my bead-buying habits or buy a second bag for more trays.


My bracelets will now be sold in stores!

Well, in one store anyway.  A few weeks I stopped into The Bra Lady in Upland, CA to get new bras.  While I was there, I noticed a few raffles, giveaways, etc on a tabletop.  When I went back to pick up one of my items, I brought in this pink ribbon bracelet:


and asked if we could do a raffle with it.  The manager said she’d check with the owner, but was pretty sure it was something they’d like to do.  I waited over the week for their call, and today finally decided to follow up myself.  The owner came on the phone and told me how much she loves the bracelet and would like to include it as a raffle in a Summer Fashion show in June.   Then she ordered one for herself, which in and of itself thrilled me, but when she followed up by asking if I could make a line of them to sell right there in the store, I was blown away.  She’s going to mark them up slightly, but the mark-up will go to the American Cancer Society.  So starting this summer, yours truly can say she’s “sold in stores”!

For those of you in the area, if you’ve never been to the Bra Lady, GO!  They have custom fitters, and will take all the time you need to find the perfect bra.  If they don’t have any that are absolutely perfect, they’ll alter for free.  They even made a few into nursing bras for me when Teressa was born.  The prices are higher than department stores, but they’re worth it.  They last.  Even the ones they made into nursing bras still look almost new.  So stop in, they’re at 958 N Central, just below Foothill (by CM School Supplies), and their number is (909) 981-1741.  They also specialize in mastectomy and reconstructive supplies.  Website:

Ok so it’s not jewelry

But last weekend I was experimenting with sugar scrub recipes and found some that I’m absolutely in love with.  I made a vanilla brown sugar scrub, a lemon scrub, and a lemon honey scrub.  The regular lemon ended up way too oily, but the lemon honey and the vanilla brown sugar are absolutely heavenly.  The lemon is very fresh, while the vanilla one smells like fresh baked cookies.  I made myself an 8 oz jar of each, and the vanilla one is more than half gone already, with the lemon one well on its way.



Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub

2 1/2 cups of white sugar

1/2 cup of oil (I use canola, no added fragrance, and it’s affordable)

4 teaspoons of lemon juice

4 tablespoons of honey

zested lemon

When I made a batch today, I put the lemon juice and zest into the oil a few hours before mixing in the sugar and honey, just to let it infuse the oil a little better.  I made a double batch and it was a little too dry, so I did end up adding some extra oil and lemon juice.  I’d recommend adding more lemon juice first and just a touch of oil if your original paste is too dry.

Vanilla brown sugar

2 cups brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

1 cup oil

1 tablespoon vanilla

Mix through the sugar before adding oil and vanilla to be sure there’s no lumps.   When I make this again I think I’ll add the vanilla to the oil earlier in the day to infuse it like I did with the lemon.  And since mine is almost gone, I guess I’ll be doing that soon…

On a side note, a friend of mine provides the awesome lemons off her lemon tree.  The jar in this photo is a 16 ounce jar, so when you realize that reference, you can see that these are absolutely huge lemons.  Thank you, Teri!  (And for the record, if you have more lemons and sugar than you need, mix a shot of lemon juice with a dash of sugar, then add some vodka.  Perfect after-scrub treat.  😉 )

Etsy shop

Just your friendly reminder of where my etsy shop is.  🙂   If you have trouble, search shops for “Gamolie”  and it should come up.  Have a great weekend!

Mother’s Day Special

I have a special on Facebook for Mother’s Day.  All bracelets in the Mother’s Day Special Album are $10, no shipping within the continental US.  If you happen to live by me and don’t need shipping, you’ll get a 4 oz bottle of sugar body scrub, either in vanilla brown sugar or lemon honey.  Please spread the word!


Facebook link:

Did someone ask for a Criminal Minds line?

Oh yeah. I did. I figure as long as I’m doing my own obsessions as bracelet lines, we needed to throw in Criminal Minds. I mean, it basically started the whole bracelet craze! I was casually making bracelets before, but when I went to the cast meet and greet at the Laguna Beach Arts Festival and decided to make one for Matthew Gray Gubler, it really kicked it into high gear. I hope they’re back again this year, because I’d like to make some for the other cast members (although I can’t really see Mantegna wearing a beaded bracelet).

So to kick it off, here’s the catch-all bracelet, the BAU bracelet. Taking into account the Criminal Minds logo, most of the line will be black and red, with the possible exception of Garcia’s, which I think needs to be a lot more funky. There’s also an “Unsub” bracelet, Prentiss’ goodbye bracelet, and a Moreid love bracelet. I am open to suggestions for more, and am working on JJ and Garcia bracelets.

The line can be seen here:

Yes, it’s time for Twilight.

I originally started the shop with non-themed bracelets, just what came to mind as I shopped for beads, and one single item that was meant to bring in hits on searches.  A “Team Jasper” bracelet.  I ended up selling that one last week, and although I had the Oz stuff to bring in searches, I can’t go without my Twilight.

When I found these big white beads with black and red on them, I had to make them in something Twilight.  And of course that meant the famed Twilight apple as a charm, right?


And hey, if no one else wants it, I certainly have enough Twilight stuff to wear it with…

We can’t all come and go by bubble

We have a Glinda finished product! Of course Glinda had to be pink, and they had to be round for her bubbles. I added some silver for her crown, and the actual crown charm. Maybe it should come with a magic wand ?

I also have a possible Emerald City. The Wizard’s love of green shown in various shades, with lamppost beads highlighting the poppies growing outside the gates. And of course, Emerald City can’t be complete without the horse of a different color!


My first custom order

A few weeks ago, my bracelets were mentioned on the blog, run by Shannon Sutherland.    (Check her out, by the way, it’s a great blog!)  I had sent her a pink and purple bracelet with a heart charm, a blue and black pearl bracelet with a butterfly charm, a 100 Monkeys bracelet, and a Team Jasper bracelet.  (If the last two seem random, I should probably explain that she’s friends with Ben Graupner who’s in 100 Monkeys, and Jackson Rathbone, who was in 100 Monkeys and also plays Jasper in Twilight.)

My etsy shop got a lot of hits that day, and the Team Jasper bracelet I had listed sold last week, although I have no idea if that person found them via Shannon or just on an etsy search.  But then Saturday I got an email from a woman saying she’d found the bracelets on PPP and she was wondering if I had any more.  She also added a third.  So we ended up with a 100 Monkeys bracelet in black and grey, along with one that said “Made of Gold” to match.  Also, we did a Team Jasper one that incorporated some fun new beads I found that actually look kind of blood splattered.

The Wizard of Oz line has gone live on etsy!

With two finished products, I thought maybe it was time to list them and get things going.   I’m excited to work on Glinda’s now that I found a crown charm, and I even found a lion charm that I’m going to try out.   Hopefully this weekend we’ll have a good three to four more bracelets to share!

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